Some days in life are not only better than others, they are also more important. We’ll devise a creative concept for your exclusive celebration and take on all the work that goes into planning your event in Austria or the Alps.

Company celebrations, anniversaries,

… birthday parties and even funerals – whatever the occasion, we will accompany you from the first moment to the end and support you with our professional network and our top-quality partners. We will plan and organize your luxury celebration down to the smallest detail, so you can concentrate fully on your role as a host and get the most out of your celebration in Austria.


Business celebrations

You and your team work hard all year. Truly celebrating your successes at a company event is a fantastic way to say thanks while having fun as a team. We’ll help you create an extraordinary celebration in Austria or in the Alps that people will be talking about for years.

Special occasions

Celebrating a special occasion like a big birthday, an anniversary or a family function is a fun way to bring everyone together. Let’s wow your loved ones with a unique event in Austria.

A royal vienna wedding

Vienna is an extraordinary city full of history, elegance and character. If you’d like some royal charm, we’ll stage your wedding at one of Vienna’s magnificent palais or palaces.


Green wedding

Enjoy your magic moments without leaving a massive footprint. We will help you make your wedding magical and sustainable. Because all our actions matter.