Standing on top of a mountain, close to the stars, is a truly magical feeling. As your gaze wanders over the panorama of the Alps, you take in the heavenly scenery making your wedding day perfect.

A mountain wedding

Getting married atop a mountain sound too good to be true? Wedding planning in the Alps is one of our specialties. Having grown up in the heart of the Alps, I have a strong emotional connection to the Austrian,Swiss and Italian mountains. I know where the most beautiful mountain wedding venues in Austria are that will create a majestic backdrop for your wedding event in the Mountains.

The Alps impress people from all over the world with their dramatic mountain scenery any time of the year. Lush green meadows, glittering snowfields, golden autumn forests and crystal-clear lakes – getting married in the Alps promises so much more than just breathtaking pictures.

Full of history

The Alps are full of history, tradition and beautiful old architecture, ancient castles and historical palaces. At the same time, there are all the modern amenities a wedding in the Mountains needs.

Everything is possible

What I appreciate most about getting married in the Alps is that you can create your own legacy in line with your personal preferences.

There are no limits: Have a breathtaking alpine wedding amidst the stunning Tyrolean mountains. A fairytale reception in Salzburg, the city of Mozart and The Sound of Music. Enjoy a spectacular wedding in the French Alps with a trip to Monaco. Make your Italian wedding dream come true in the Italian Alps or at Lake Como. Or experience a glamorous winter wedding in the Swiss mountains.

The Alps offer an exquisite blend of countries, cultures and cuisines. A perfect mix to fall in love with!